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Fipco pharma Ceftaroline 400 and 600 ml vials

SOON our 5th generation cephalosporin in Egypt

Fipco pharma Cefpirome 1 gm vial

SOON our 4th generation cephalosporin in Egypt

Fipcomenoxime vial 1& 0.5 gm , 1% ear and nose and 0.5% Eye drops

SOON The first 3th generation cephalosporin Cefmenoxime hydrochloride in Egypt

Fipcorobe 10% lozenge

SOON The power of Amphotercin B treatment with high safety margin

- Fipcopenem 10% suspension

SOON The first oral carbapenem Tebipenem in Egypt

Fipco pharma Faropenem 10% fine granules for suspension , and Fipco pharma Faropenem 200 and 150 mg tablets .

SOON The first oral penem group Faropenem in Egypt

Fipcothrocin eye ointment

SOON Erythromycin eye ointment come back to Egypt