Al Farah international pharmaceutical Company
Your care is our priority

Fipco pharma is an Egyptian pharmaceutical company established at 2013.


Your care is our priority

Fipco Pharma value's

Our values are the driving force that is with us every moment, guiding your minutest of our actions and decisions.


Adherence to our moral and ethical principles , soundness of moral character , honesty is our road map to success .

Team work

The collaborative effort of a our team to achieve a common goal or to complete a task is the our way to be most effective and efficient way to get success .

Respect of people

we accept and respect anybody for who they are, even when they're different from us or you don't agree with them.


One of the most important factors in our employee is excellent performance to achieve our goals to meet targets, make sales and build the brand via positive customer interactions.


Innovation plays a key role in introducing novelty to our product lines or processes, leading to increased market share, revenue, and customer satisfaction.


All of our employees are Leaders provide guidance, inspiration, and motivation to achieving our goals.


We are very keen to achieve the highest levels of quality in every work we do .

Customer and community focus

Our perioreties putting our customers and community needs first.

Chairman's Speech

Fipco is the abridgement for “Farh international pharmaceutical company” (SAE).

– We are dedicated to the highest standard of quality to ensure strict compliance with the rigorous standards in everything we do. 

– Fipco Pharma dedicated to be the most strongest and experienced management team with a wide range of experiences in our markets. 

– We strongly believe in aggressive marketing & re-electing an excellence image in the market by offering excellent products and services , for that our successful in our mission planned to reflect in our customers & achievements & progress and our team of highly professional personnel. 

– Quality work is never an accident it is always the result of high thinking, intelligent direction and skilful execution you will find this in Fipco Pharma.

– Our business was built on three founding principles that have never changed: best Quality in every things we introduce, best efficacy and safety for our products and services and cost effectiveness for our customers.

Dr.hussien farah

Dr. Hussien Farh


Perfection In Every Step We Take

Be our partner in the successes we achieve

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Egyptian Medicines Authority
All of our products are authorized by the Egyptian Drug authority

The best quality in everything we do, the best effectiveness and safety of our products and services and the best cost effectiveness for our customers.